I had the pleasure of meeting Nate and his family a few years back for his brother's senior portraits.  We met up at his home near Fruitland and had some fun capturing him in some of his many elements.  Lacrosse, wrestling, band, and magic were all part of his portrait experience and we both lived through incorporating a smoke bomb into his portraits.

I crafted a homemade smoke bomb to use for some of the magic portraits.  We set all the lighting up and planed out what we wanted, then lit the smoke bomb.  We should have tested one before hand.  It started out great then soon erupted into a torch shooting flames about three feet into the air with lots of smoke.  It was quite a surprise, but both of us made it through unharmed, just a little wiser in working with pyrotechnics.  Enjoy the sneak peeks!  By the way, he is a fabulous magician and can be hired for parties and events.